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The Camborne School of Mines Association was formed for all former students of the School and is an independent, self-governing organisation which finances itself entirely - mostly through the subscriptions of the members. The annual subscription for graduates is £25.00, which can be paid to the General Manager of the CSM Association by PayPal, Standing Order, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Credit/Debit Card or Cash. We also offer an Associate Membership to students which is a one off payment of £5.00 which will cover their time at CSM.

There are currently around 1,000 members around the world, who receive three newsletters per year and a copy of the CSM Association Journal, which has been published since 1896. The Association helps to organise social functions throughout the world. Functions have been organised in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Jo'burg and Vancouver, to name but a few.

The Association maintains a database of former students, so we can help to keep you in touch with each other, wherever you are. About half the members are residing or working overseas, particularly in Australia, Malaysia, Southern Africa, West Africa, and in the US and Canada. Many being employed in production mining, or in exploration, in tunnelling, civil engineering, quarrying, or in associated financial institutions.

There used to be a saying that at the bottom of every hole in the world you would find a Cornishman; they may not now be a Cornishman, but it is likely that you will meet someone who has graduated from CSM.

Former students have traditionally had very close links with each other and with CSM. Sport has always played a very important part of the life of the School. The CSM RFC and CSM AFC have each celebrated their Centenary years and are amongst the oldest football clubs in the UK. The major social functions throughout the year are the 'Barrel Match' where current students play past students at rugby, soccer, hockey and squash and the 'Bottle Match' where CSM plays its old adversary, the Royal School of Mines (RSM) for an old black, battered, metal bottle.

As an alumnus of the Camborne School of Mines, you also have access to the community of University of Exeter alumni - more than 90,000 graduates across 170 countries. Please visit for further information.

We are proud to wear the CSM emblem, in the traditional silver, blue and gold and made up of the fifteen balls of Cornwall overlaid by CSM and a crossed pick and shovel. Our motto is 'Laboris Gloria Ludi', which has always been taken to mean 'Work Hard, Play Hard'.

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