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Welcome to the Camborne School of Mines Association

The Camborne School of Mines Association was formed for all former students of the School and is an independent, self-governing and entirely self-financing organisation.

Browse through the links to the left for information on CSM Association related events within the UK and around the world, as well as contacts for Association members, Job Vacancies, Merchandise available for purchase, and much more.

Former students have traditionally had very close links with each other and with CSM. Sport has always played a very important part of the life of the School. The CSM RFC and CSM AFC have each celebrated their Centenary years and are amongst the oldest football clubs in the UK. The major social functions throughout the year are the 'Barrel Match' where current students play past students at rugby, soccer, hockey and squash and the 'Bottle Match' where CSM plays its old adversary, the Royal School of Mines (RSM) for a black, battered, metal bottle.

The Mining Industryís Graduate Requirements

I am undertaking a major study into mining and mineral-related graduate employment on behalf of the Camborne School of Mines (CSM) Trust. The aim of the study is to try and determine the mining industryís graduate needs over the coming decade so that CSM can tailor its programmes, capabilities and facilities to match those needs.

Iíve completed most of the data gathering and crunched the numbers so Iíve been able to give the trust some projections of graduates needed over the next decade and now Iím trying to get a more qualitative feel for what the industry will need. Thatís where Iím hoping the CSM community around the world can help me.

I want to find out what particular skills and qualifications the mining (and quarrying, petrochemical and construction) industry is looking for when it recruits graduates into its various disciplines.

Many of you are in senior positions within the industry so hopefully you can shed light on what type of graduate skills your company looks for. Are there certain mining schools that you prefer to recruit employees from? Does your company sponsor any mining/processing/geology courses?

Maybe you are a fairly recent graduate, in which case please tell me whether or not CSM equipped you with the right qualifications and training for your job and if not what could be improved?

I know CSMers care passionately about their alma mater so I would like to appeal to you to give me the benefit of your experience to help the School maintain its position at the forefront of mining education.

When you respond, if you could let me have your company and position that will help me put together a sensible analysis but rest assured we wonít be publishing any names when we complete the report in October.

Thanks in anticipation, Paul Burton ACSM 1975

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